[Aphio-L] Hey Pledges!

Horton, Eric eh151607 at ohio.edu
Tue Mar 2 07:48:10 EST 2010

 Hey pledges, three things:

1. An email will be sent out today about when the service chairs will be meeting to put flyers up about the faculty pageant. I you all are telling your friends. Also, remember, even if you do hang up flyers, you still have to be at the event, unless you have already talked to emily or jon. Hanging up flyers can be a committee hour if you choose that route.

2. We can still use teachers, if you have a teacher that is interested, please email us their email as soon as possible... dont worry about the paper anymore.

3. FUNDRAISING HOUR: remember, you have to get a fundraising hour. I believe Red Brick is tonight, but the pledges are doing trash for cash on sunday at 12 p.m. SIGN UPS are online. Get that hour in.

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