[Aphio-L] 5K UPDATE!!!

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Mon Mar 1 21:52:44 EST 2010

Hey bros! Sorry for another email but it's the last week for the 5K!! There  
are just a couple things: 1. We will be painting the wall (By the Bentley  
Annex) on Wednesday March 3 at 12AM (that's right, middle of the night  
woo!) Please come help paint the wall and spend time with your bros!! You  
can get a fellowship hour and if you're a pledge get signatures!! 2. The  
Benefit Concert is Thursday March 4 at 7pm!!!! BE THERE!!!! Also expect an  
email with more information about the Benefit Concert later. All you need  
to know is that it's a blast and EVERYONE should come support Good Works  
and their fellow bros...and get signatures! 3. Remember to sign up online  
to flyer and do handbills!!!! Also, if you can't meet me between 9AM and  
10AM on Wednesday text me and we'll figure out a way to get you the  
handbills!!! Text Carolyn 419-541-0460 It's a SERIOUSLY easy way to get a  
service hour or committee hour if you're pledge!! 4. I am attaching the  
registration form. If you have friends or other student groups you're  
involved in give them some forms!! But remember they have to give you the  
$12 when they give you back the registration form! 5. SPREAD THE WORD!!!  
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