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Leigha Kristoff lk491206 at ohio.edu
Mon Mar 1 13:07:54 EST 2010


Lots of signature info out! Tonight at the sewing party: Leigha  
Kristoff, Amanda McKay, ELLEN EISENBRENNER, Anna Tabor, Rebecca  
Whitley, Vanessa Vanyo, and probably Stephanie Bricklebank. Maybe  
other actives too!

Wednesday sewing party: me, Andrea Huist, Melissa Papic, Erika Bills

THURSDAY: old execs and new execs will be in the second floor last  
room on the left! That's like 30 people! :) come then!

also, I'm taking all fabric donations this week during the sewing  
parties, but if you are donating DO NOT sign up for the sewing party  
because those are separate hours! :) just send me a text to drop it  
off! We also collect thick bracelets to use for the belt loops! Those  
you can donate as well!

PS...Buddha is on page 34 and he's sitting in the front room RIGHT  

Leigha Kristoff
Red Bull SBM- Ohio University
EW Scripps School of Journalism '11
Belts Breaking Bondage, President
Alpha Phi Omega, Member

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