[Aphio-L] Help a bro?

Buynak, Brittany bb310907 at ohio.edu
Wed Jun 9 18:44:17 EDT 2010

 Hey everyone!
I know you're all probably busy studying for finals/moving out....BUT, I have a huge favor to ask.  There is a week in between the time when I move out of my dorm and into my apartment.  I have a baby futon in my dorm currently, and I am looking for somewhere to keep it for that period of time.  I will be moving in on June 19th, so it will be out of there by then. If anyone will be here this summer and wouldn't mind having a small futon hanging out for a week, I will love you forever.  The girls in our apartment currently will not let us move anything in early.. grr. Let me know if you'd be willing to help out!

LFS, hugs&kisses, I will bake you cookies,
Brittany Buynak :)
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