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Chapter Minutes 1/31/10

·      There are a lot of us, so please keep the talking to a minimum.

·      J-Board

o   APhiO etiquette

§  Emails on listserv go to advisors and alumni and some professors, too

§  Happy Can

·      Self-monitor comments

o   Don’t swear, don’t talk about drinking

·      Keep it appropriate/HAPPY!

o   Buddha as official advisor

§  Vote – PASSED!

·      5K

o   14th Annual APhiO 5K: “Neighbors Helping Neighbors 5K for Good Works”

o   Good Works

§  Mission: provide a “community of hope for those struggling with poverty
in rural Appalachia”

§  With a poverty rate of 29%, Athens County is greatly affected by poverty

§  Only homeless shelter in Athens and 8 surrounding counties

§  Point system: cars, laundry, lots of other things

o   Objective: raise funds and awareness in support of those affected by
poverty and homelessness

o   Official details:

§  March 6

§  Ping

§  Starts at noon

§  Tell everyone you know!

o   Letter writing/ email writing parties TBA

§  Write five letters, get an hour

§  Can get service hours for donating:

·      Business envelopes (2 boxes=1 hour)

·      Stamps (2 sheets=1 hour)

o   aphio5k at gmail.com

·      Guest speaker: Keith Wasserman from Good Works

o   Started Good Works 30 years ago

o   Good Works is only homeless shelter in Athens and 8 surrounding counties

o   Half the people at the shelter are first-time homeless

o   Real issue is economics

o   80% of funds come from private donors

o   Timothy House

§  Located on west side of Athens

§  Welcome volunteers

·      People we help have something to offer us, too

§  One of 14 projects

o   Help people in 3 groups:

§  Homeless people

§  At-risk kids

·      Outreach every Friday night: Friday Night Life

§  Widows

·      Home visits

o   Need people in poverty to inform us about life

o   4 basic principles

§  Relationships primary focus

§  Building trust is important

§  Meeting a need: shelter, food, companionship

§  In every context, there is a vision of people who graduate to join us and
no longer be the poor and homeless, and join us as volunteers to serve

o   Transformation Station

§  Program to help people get cars

·      Don’t give them away, don’t sell them

§  Works on a point system

·      Time donation, earn points

·      Points redeemable for cars

§  Cars come in on a donation basis

·      Fellowship

o   aphiofellowship at gmail.com

o   Volleyball

§  Monday night at 6:15

§  Ping Center: Area B

§  No pockets, no jewelry

§  On website

o   Fellowship of the week:

§  Thursday night at BW3’s

§  7-9

§  60 cent wing night!

§  No drinking!!!!

o   Formal

§  Sign up for cabins after chapter

§  10 per cabin (including dates)!

·      Pledge cabins/Active cabins

§  Feb. 14 is the last day to pay

§  $30 per person (bring a date=$60)

§  Will start collecting money at next week’s chapter

§  Rides TBA

§  February 27

o   If you haven’t paid your social fee, see Monica or Abbey after Chapter

§  Make checks out to Alpha Phi Omega

·      Service

o   Service etiquette

§  Inappropriate talking

·      Plans of the weekend/past weekend

·      Swearing

·      Ignoring service clients

§  Cell phone use

·      Use away from service clients

o   Upcoming service

§  Weeklies

§  WOUB Pledge Drive

·      Feb. 3 and 4

§  ATCO Basketball game

·      Feb. 9 at 7pm

§  ATCO Valentine’s Day Dance

·      Feb. 21, 5:30-730pm

§  Blood Battle OU vs Miami

·      Feb. 15

§  ATCO Rock Wall

·      Feb. 2, 3:30-4:30pm

§  Learn to Skate

·      Feb. 20, 7:30 am-2:30 pm

o   Email pattyguzowski at gmail.com about Web site questions

o   Allowed 4 outside hours per quarter

§  Not with APhiO

§  Approve PRIOR to doing service

o   Sign-Ins

§  Emails

§  Blog on web site

§  Paper

§  **Hours do not get tallied until we have a visual sign-in**

o   24-hour rule

o   Passion Works studio volunteers (Thursdays)

§  Tell them you’re with APhiO, not just that you’re there to volunteer

o   Habitat for Humanity

§  Interest in fundraising and building houses?

·      Do fundraising the rest of this year- need $30,000

·      Start the build in the fall

·      Would count as service hours

·      In Athens county somewhere

o   Humane Society

§  Fill out a form before you go

§  Need a week to process the form

o   OSU Weekend Trip

§  Interest?

o   Service ideas?

§  Set-up on website

·      If OK’d by service chairs, counts as inside hours

·      Send them an email about it

§  ANYONE can do it

§  Ideas?

o   Service of the Week

§  Monday Lunch

§  Next week: ATCO Rec. Night

o   Questions/Concerns/Ideas

§  aphioservice at yahoo.com

·      Youth Service

o   Running Club

§  Reminder: need people there Mondays and Wednesdays, too!

§  At Chauncey Elementary School, 3:40-4:20pm every Monday, Wednesday,

§  1-mile fun run at the end of the quarter

§  If you can drive, say so in the comments section on the website

·      Membership

o   Winning family at Big/Little Night:

§  Made!

o   Signature party sign-up went around

§  This Tuesday, 7-10 pm in Baker

o   Pledge meeting at 12:30pm next Sunday in Clip 194

·      Announcements

o   Next week is Super Bowl Sunday, so Chapter at 2:30 in Bentley 236

o   Starting Exec positions next week

o   Actives, send in your grades!

§  aphio_jboard at gmail.com

·      Happy Can

·      Supportive Bro

Submitted by secretary Anna Tabor
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