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Petry, Bailey bp319708 at ohio.edu
Sat Jan 30 11:29:57 EST 2010

 Hey Bro's

    So i looked in my purse today from Big Little Night and realized that everything was gone. Luckily, not my wallet because that was in my coat, but all of my other possessions. I know I didn't just dump out the contents of my purse at red brick, so if someone took my stuff I would really appreciate them giving it back. I know non-aphio ppl were also there, but I was in the basement most of the time which was all of us, and I'd hate to think that a bro took my things.
I'm missing:
$15 cash
$35 American Eagle Gift Card
A silver celtic knot necklace
Lip Gloss

    If anyone knows anything about this, but doesn't wanna tell me in person, you can drop it off at my house (178 N Congress) or just give me a call, especially the necklace, it was a gift from my mom and is one of a kind so i can't get another one.

Thanks Bros
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