[Aphio-L] girl scout cookies

Julie Suhr suhr at Ohio.edu
Wed Jan 13 08:05:49 EST 2010

HI all, one of your advisors here. Last year some of you were 
disappointed that I didn't have my little girl scout try to sell you 
cookies. It is against university policy for her to come sell to you at 
a meeting, but it is OK for me to tell you that she is ordering cookies 
now, and that way if you want to order any you can get a hold of me to 
do so. If you order some she can then deliver to you at a meeting (they 
won't be here until March, usually before spring break, but not always).

So if you are interested in ordering girl scout cookies from my daughter 
Meredith, please email me at suhr at ohio.edu or call 593-1091 or stop by 
250 Porter Hall to order. 

Here's the types:

The classics:

Thin Mints
DoSiDos (peanut butter sandwich cookie)

The relatively new:

Lemon Cremes (a sandwhich cookie with lemon creme in middle)
Dulce de leche (caramel chips in a sugar cookie)

The brand new:

Thank U Berry Munch (a sugar cookie with white fudge and cranberries)

Each box is $3.50. 

Remember, now is the time to order, and you pay at the end when the 
cookies are delivered. Please, if you do order, we appreciate you 
honoring the order, I don't want to be stuck with cookies I then have to 
pay for (and eat....)

Thanks, have a great day

Julie Suhr

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