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So as interviews are fast approaching this week (tomorrow!!),  
selection time for littles will begin! As some of you might remember,  
you will be filling out a survey, like in recent years, to help pair  
you with a little.

A few things about the survey: first of all, take it seriously, even  
though its a lighthearted survey! I want bigs to be satisfied with  
their littles, and littles satisfied with their bigs! So answer in  
the best way possible. Second off, we will follow reasonable  
requests...aka if you are over 21 and you also want a little who is  
over 21, I will accommodate you. Please let me know ahead of time,  
aka before chapter is over on monday. You have two options here, you  
can either email me back the survey, or preferably, print it out and  
give it to me at chapter on monday...since there is a question or two  
that involves drawing pictures!

THIS SURVEY IS IMPORTANT so if you don't give me a survey back, then  
I will pair you as best as I can based on how I know you with a  
little. SO if you don't do it, and don't like your little, not my fault.

Sorry this is long! attached is the survey! have fun!

Leigha Kristoff
Red Bull SBM- Ohio University
EW Scripps School of Journalism '11
Belts Breaking Bondage, President
Alpha Phi Omega, Member

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