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Fri Jan 8 09:57:56 EST 2010

Hey Bros,

Just wanted to let you all know that Chauncey running club is starting up
again, so get excited!!!!  If you weren't able to do it last quarter, please
please try to get involved this time!  It's Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's
from 3:40-4:20 in Chauncey Elementary's Gym, which is around the back of the
school.  If you want to do it and haven't gone before, you can
email/call/text either Anna or I and we'll give you details!  We're going to
be starting it next week on Monday January 11, that is if they don't have a
snow day.  Get back to us to let us know if you're able to go!  Hope you're
all enjoying your Friday that we should have had a snow day!

Helaina Diaz
Anna Schottenstein
aphioyouthservice at gmail.com

H- (937)219-1711
A- (614)563-2838
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