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Sun Feb 28 23:59:01 EST 2010

Hello bros!

On the service website you will find a bunch of service (or committee if
you're a pledge) opportunities  for the 5K this week!
 --There are registration slots available for:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday,
and Friday from 10AM-3PM
--There are positions open for flyering around campus on Tuesday. You just
have to come to 131 B Mill St. between 5:30 and 7:30 to pick up the flyers.
--There are positions open for chalking around campus on Wednesday. You just
need to come to Red Brick (for the fundraising event!) between 7:30 and 9:00
to pick up chalk and find out where you're chalking at.
     --If you bring chalk to Red Brick you get a service hour or committee
hour if you're a pledge. Limit is one box of chalk for an hour
--There are positions open for passing out handbills.  Come to the front
room between 9AM and 10AM  on Wednesday and pick up handbills to pass out
for an hour of service.
    -- You can pass the handbill out at an hour that fits your schedule you
just have to pick up the handbills between 9 and 10AM.
--Also, Food Donations should be online tonight or tomorrow! Keep an eye out
for those, it's important that we have ALL donation spots filled!!


*Don't forget the Benefit concert on Thursday March, 4 starting at 8pm!!!!
We hope to see you ALL there!!! Bring your friends!! This is a fun way to
fundraise for Good Works!*

Thanks for all of your help so far bros! This is the last week to fundraise
and raise awareness for the 5K lets all work together and make this a great

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!

5K Chairs
Carolyn Hemenway
Katie Devlin

p.s. If you signed up to volunteer before the 5K at 9AM expect an email
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