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Bricklebank, Stephanie sb194307 at ohio.edu
Sun Feb 28 22:02:42 EST 2010

Hey bros. If you didnt catch me tonight after chapter and still need my signature (page 15), I'll be at the 5k on Saturday. However, if dont want to spend your Saturday morning chasing down all the actives you still need and want to cross one out early, heres where you can find me before Saturday.

6-8 Maggie K Davis Room in Baker, first floor by the food court. (its BBB sewing party- you can get service hours, sign ups on website.)

11-1.30, BBB Sales table First floor Baker. I'll be there selling the belts&necklaces.

Custom Belt Day. I'll be at the first floor Baker table anytime after 2 till probably 6ish. Feel free to come visit/check out the fabric. Also, to post a reminder: if you purchase a belt or necklace, you can get a service hour and look stylish all while helping out an amazing cause. :]

These would be the best times to come find me, I'm going to be very busy till the end of the quarter.

LFS and anticipating Spring Break,
Steph Bricklebank.

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