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Chapter Minutes 2/28/10

·      Guest speakers: Watermelon Bust

o   “Watermelon Olympics”

o   Teams consist of 10 ladies

o   3 components:

§  Spirit

§  Service

§  The Games

o   Tug of War

o   Watermelon eating contest

o   Watermelon toss

o   Watermelon Hunt

o   Watermelon slide

o   Questions?

§  April 24 at 2:30 on South Green field

o   Sign ups at front

·      Ombudsmen

o   Suggestion box

§  Suggestions/improvements for new Execs

·      Fundraising

o   Upcoming events

§  Puppy chow Wednesday and Friday

§  Red Brick

§  Bake sale

·      Friday before through Wednesday of Exam Week

o   This week’s events

§  Puppy chow

·      Only 3 donations allowed, because too many last time

·      Making it 3 people per hour

o   Fundraising hour

§  Don’t complete service hours=deactivated

·      Fundraising is one of those hours

·      Walk for MS

o   Flyering and poster

§  Pick them up from Patty G. in Baker 350 on Tuesday from 12-3

§  Put them up in buildings where you have class, your dorm, etc

o   Register on the site and raise money

§  Raise $30=1 service hour

o   Event is April 17

o   http://walkoha.nationalmssociety.org

·      Fellowship

o   Video from formal

o   Thanks to Jan-Marie, JD, Krystine, Helaina, Britney, Buddha for driving

o   Thanks to everyone that helped and that were responsible

o   Keys from formal

§  For each day it’s late, increases by $1

·      Cabins 4, 5, 10, 18, 19, 20

o   Fellowship of the week

§  Red Brick

§  Wednesday 6-9 pm

§  Support the fundraising girls

o   Bag of lost and found stuff- talk to Abbey

·      Service

o   Dinner for 2


§  Same day as 5K

§  Serving, helping

§  Need most help 4:15-7

§  First Presbyterian Church

§  Sign-ups online

§  Help decorating

·      Look for an email with what they need

o   WOUB drive

§  Still waiting for exact numbers and times

o   Open Mike night/ Benefit concert

§  Wednesday March 9 in the Front Room

§  Raise money for Federal Hocking High School to get school supplies

§  $10 donation or donate supplies

o   Disability Awareness Fair

§  Athens community center

§  Tuesday March 2, 6:30-8:30

o   Peanuts at CVS

§  Hours online

§  Service hour not fundraising

·      Membership

o   Next Sunday is History Night

§  Morton 201, 6pm

§  Actives sit with families

§  Pledges dress business casual, bring homework

·      Bring a list of actives whose signatures you don’t have

§  Actives don’t have to dress up

·      No computers, homework

o   No signature party this week, because it’s the same night as the benefit

o   Pledge social is still being discussed

o   Check your email

·      5K

o   THIS Saturday

o   Sign-ups

§  Need food donations

§  Smile markers

§  Scream team

§  Look for an email

o   Donations

§  Can drop off at Gingerbread House (131 B Mill)

o   Stay after chapter if you want to help with

§  Day-of registration

§  Set up

§  Smile markers

§  Scream team

o   Day-of details

§  Get there at 11, starts at noon

o   Tabling

§  10-3

§  March 1, 3, 4, 5

§  Sign up online

o   Thanks to everyone who had their friends and family donate

o   Benefit Concert

§  March 4, 8pm at BDubs

§  Boneless wing night

§  Title IX, Section 8, Tempotantrums, Conor Standish, and Ten Count Fall

§  Fellowship with bros who aren’t drinking

§  Signatures from people who aren’t drinking

§  Cover charge is $3 for 21+ and $4 under 21

o   T-shirts

§  Thanks to Kris Bader and all of our sponsors!

§  Everyone gets a t-shirt (included in registration)

o   Questions?

§  Call/text

·      Carolyn Hemenway 419-541-0460

·      Katie Devlin 513-373-1175

o   Look for a summation email

·      BBB for the rest of the quarter

o   Sewing Parites

§  Monday 3/1 6-8 pm

§  Wednesday 3/3 6-8 pm

§  Thursday 3/4 6-8 pm

§  All in the Maggie K Davis Room EXCEPT Wednesday 3/3 in room 333

o   Donate 2 yards of fabric for 1 hour, max. 4 yards (2 hours)

o   Buy a belt! 1 service hour!

o   Custom Belt day

§  Friday March 5, 8am-6pm

§  First floor of Baker

§  Pick out your own fabrics and we make your belt for you!

o   Health and Wellness Fair Tuesday

o   Diversity Fair on Thursday

o   Women’s Fair on Sunday

·      This is the last regular chapter of the quarter

·      Announcements

·      Supportive Bro

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