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Fouss, Abbey af285506 at ohio.edu
Thu Feb 25 21:05:58 EST 2010

Bros!! Hope you're peeing your pants in excitement for FORMAL this weekend!

I hope you have all been able to contact your cabin-mates and decide how your money is to be spent and who will be driving.  Remember, if you do not have enough drivers please EMAIL me back and let me know how many people need rides! Only 3 drivers per cabin DON'T FORGET!

Attached to this email is another cabin list that denotes who was given your cabin money, as well as who is responsible for returning the cabin keys to ABBEY FOUSS (cabin 7) Sunday morning upon your cabin's departure. CHECK OUT is 10AM!!!

Also, attached is a schedule of the shuttles that will be running throughout the night.  Please respect and adhere to the rules listed on the schedule.
*Anyone sober can drive you to and from the lodge.

Finally, I have attached directions from Morton parking lot to Burr Oak and also directions from Burr Oak to Morton parking lot.  Be sure you all have a copy with you when you leave Saturday.

Lastly, I just want to remind everyone to have a good time, but also be respectful of the others and the Burr Oak property around you.  Please remember, no parking on the grass, NO BEVERAGES OUTSIDE, and no "out-of-control-ness."  We are still there representing APhiO!

Also, don't forget...if you plan to drink at the dance, bring 2 forms of id, as security will be checking and distributing wristbands to those 21+.  CASH BAR ONLYYYYYYY!

**If you signed up to bring snacks (2 bags of chips/cookies/etc.=1 committee hour), Monica will be collecting them in the Front Room Friday from 3:45-5:00pm.  If you cannot find her, or attend these times contact her at 513.227.2330 (make sure if you text her you tell her your name).

Abbey M. Fouss

Monica Ruscher
mr254007 at ohio.edu<mailto:mr254007 at ohio.edu>

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