[Aphio-L] Pledges: This is For Real Important!! Please Read!!!

Fouss, Emily ef278708 at ohio.edu
Thu Feb 25 20:43:54 EST 2010

Hey Pledges (Sorry actives you can go ahead and delete this),
          Ok so here’s the deal! We need flyers printed for the faculty pageant by Sunday.  So if you go to the library and print off 50 flyers you can get 1 committee hour or 1 service hour. Attached is the flyer we’re using so you can print that easily. Jon will sit in the Front Room tomorrow (Friday) from 1-3 and Emily (740-336-3799) will be there 3-5 so if you print off your flyers you can bring them to him. If you plan on running off flyers but can’t drop them off from 1-5 please contact your lovely service chairs so that we can get a rough count of how many flyers we’ll have. Now, if you aren’t going to be able to make it to the faculty pageant then you can print flyers and count these as your pledge service project hours. Remember you need at least two hours but more would be greatly appreciated!
          Also we have only received 3 emails from people saying they won’t be able to attend the pageant…so I guess that means that the other 100+ of you will be there right?! For those of you who have emailed saying you can’t attend we will be having a chalking and flyer night so make sure to get in on that! We are also offering a service hour or a committee hour if you get five people to come to the pageant. For this you just need to tell your attendees to write down your name down when they pay their admission. (If you can’t make it to the pageant any of these above can count as your two hours towards the project)
          Lastly, WE NEED TEACHERS!!! We have gotten one email about getting a teacher and we need at least nine more so start asking!!! We would also greatly appreciate it if you came to the committee meeting on Sunday because you need the hours and we need the help!
Remember everyone has to come to the pageant to get their hours in! Please, please, please email us by TOMORROW if you can’t come, if you don’t then we better see you there. Do not email after Friday because that’s too late of notice!!!
Pledges, if there are problems that occur this weekend and we find out that they were due to pledges, our social will be canceled. Please be safe and courteous this weekend. Don’t burn a cabin down!
    Sorry for the long email! See you all soon! If you guys have any questions email
     Emily (ef278708 at ohio.edu<mailto:ef278708 at ohio.edu>) or Jon (jl227409 at ohio.edu<mailto:jl227409 at ohio.edu>)

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