[Aphio-L] Please come win a trophey....READ ME!!!!!

Ms. Relay Girls aphio_relay4life at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 25 16:54:27 EST 2010

Dear Brothers, 

If you were unable to come sign up/pay for the case race during the times we were at the front room (aka right now :)) THERE IS STILL HOPE FOR YOU TO LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE!!! We will be accepting applicants for the case race up until tomorrow (Friday, February 26th, 2010 aka two weeks till my woomie Megan Roberts' Birfday) at circa 2 pm.  If you cannot pay ahead of time it is perfectly acceptable but please bring money to the race with you.  BUT we still need to know if you are coming so that we can put you on a team so please reply to this e-mail saying your name. This is a great opportunity to meet the bros that you haven't already and meet the people who will need your assistance at Relay for Life.  Thanks so much and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come.  

Suzie Quzie, Adjy Pantz, and Becky 

PS.  In the words of Robbie Atkisson: “It just makes me want to bounce knowing that there are so many people for Relay for Life.”

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