[Aphio-L] formal shuttle service to and from the dance...read please.

Ruscher, Monica mr254007 at ohio.edu
Tue Feb 23 22:24:21 EST 2010

Dear Aphioers,

Abbey and I are having a very difficult time figuring out transportation for the shuttle to and from the dance so we need your help. If anyone is willing to donate a car (minivan/big car) we would love you forever. We will reimburse you for the gas money and you don't have to drive the car if you don't want too. On that note, are there any willing sober brothers who would like to be the shuttle for the night? It would be a 1/2 hour before the dance and a 1/2 hour after the dance. You are more then welcome to drink after your done shuttling people. If you do want to be a sober brother you will have an all expense paid trip to formal, you'll get your $30.00 back! Please let us know as soon as possible.

Monica and Abbey
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