[Aphio-L] Case Race Money!

Breitenbach, Susan sb116806 at ohio.edu
Tue Feb 23 15:44:22 EST 2010

Hey Everyone!

I will be at the front room tomorrow night(wednesday) from 6-8pm and thursday 4-6pm collecting money for the case race! If you would still like to sign up, I will have it there but be sure to bring your $5 with you, and you will be guaranteed a spot.

The last time you will be able to sign up/turn in your money will be by thursday at 6, so if Adjin, Becky or I don't have your money by then, no case race for you!


Susan Breitenbach
Relay Co-chair
Sb116806 at ohio.edu<mailto:Sb116806 at ohio.edu>
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