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Chapter Minutes 2/21/10

·      Due to technical difficulties, no slides today

·      Fellowship

o   No more intramurals L

o   Formal

§  Saturday Feb. 27

§  Check in: 4:30

§  Check out: 10am

§  Dance 8:30-11

§  Look for an email with an updated cabin list, as well as directions to
Burr Oak

§  If you plan on drinking and are over 21, bring 2 forms of ID


§  Each cabin gets $100 that can be spent on snacks/dinner/drinks, etc

·      Each cabin gets a head person appointed

·      Meet after chapter/create a Facebook group/ send email (NOT to the
entire list serv, please)

o   Decide who your drivers are going to be

§  Rules

·      No parking on the grass (park close to each other)

·      No beverages outside ANYWHERE

·      Be respectful of Burr Oak property.  If there are damages, the entire
cabin will be responsible for the charges.

o   Fellowship of the week

§  Green Fever: OU v. Miami Men’s Basketball game

§  Wednesday at 7pm

§  $10 will get you

·      Official Green Fever Long Sleeved Shirt

·      The Green Fever Value Pack full of coupons valued at over $100 to use
in and around the Athens area

·      TWO chances to WIN $10,000 in a shot contest at Halftime

·      The opportunity to help BEAT Miami by Selling out The Convo

o   Committee meeting  Tuesday Feb. 23 at 8pm in Baker West 82 (food court)

·      Guest speaker from Ohio Northern about sectionals

o   Fun activities Friday night

o   Workshops Monday

o   Launch, Discover, and Explore workshops

o   Surprise competition on Sunday

·      Membership

o   Signature Party

§  This Tuesday at 7pm in Baker 240

§  Sign up sheet

§  PLEASE come and help the pledges get their signatures

o   History Night

§  March 7 at 6 in Morton 201

§  Mandatory Event

·      Email J-Board if unable to attend

§  Pledges need to dress up, actives don’t

o   Look for an email with a list of actives whose signatures a lot of
pledges still need

·      Relay for Life

o   Case Race for a Cure

§  21 Kurtz St. at 8pm

§  Collecting money after chapter

·      Fundraising

o   Puppy Chow Wednesday

o   Red Brick fundraiser March 3

o   Bake sales during finals week

·      5K

o   In about 2 weeks

o   Spread the word!

§  Write on chalkboards

o   If you register 5 people, you get an hour

o   Registration tables

§  Feb. 23, 24, 25

§  March 1, 3, 4, 5

·      Elections

·      Announcements

·      Happy Can

·      Supportive Bro

Submitted by secretary Anna Tabor
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