Rowan, Janet jr203706 at ohio.edu
Tue Feb 16 13:57:39 EST 2010

hey bro's,
man i sure could use a HOT TUB TIME MACHINE! (but a regular old hot tub would be pretty nice too!!)

for those of you who are attending the FREE screening of hot tub time machine, please please PLEASE meet in Morton parking lot at 7:00pm! (in the dumpster corner) It is important that you be there promptly at 7 so we can leave NO LATER THAN 7:10! (the movie starts at 7:30) please do not leave for the movie theater until you have checked in with me (Janet Rowan). I will have your ticket vouchers and a sign in. make sure you find me because without signing in or getting your ticket voucher, you will not be able to get into the show.... or receive a fellowship hour. it would be helpful if no cars left morton parking lot until 7:10.. or until everyone has checked in... so that we make extra sure that everyone has a ride!

also: here are the names of the bro's who said they can drive:

(phone #'s and emails conveniently on the aphio site!)

Janet Rowan
Bailey Petry
Michelle Varney
Ning Qin
Bryn Keck
Jessica Mock
Nate Freeman
Emily Edgar
Laura Hopkins
Angela Schedler
Erin Formanek
Colleen Dungey
Justin Abshear
Andrew Morris
Ari Jacobs

hope this answers any questions you may have had... if not.. feel free to ask away!
see you later!!

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