[Aphio-L] anyone interested in helping judge a science fair at West Elementary?

Suhr, Julie suhr at ohio.edu
Wed Dec 8 08:48:24 EST 2010

Hi all students who might still be around!  I am the room parent for the sixth grade students at West Elementary, and their teacher just asked me to try to find judges for their science fair. They need judges who are at least somewhat knowledgeable in the sciences, but any science (or social science) would do.  The event is Friday, December 17th, about 1:30 pm, I don't think it will take much more than a couple of hours.  Please email me directly (suhr at ohio.edu<mailto:suhr at ohio.edu>) if you are interested, asap so that I can get back to her.
Thanks much

Julie Suhr

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Hey Everybody,

For those of you who have sent in your hours to us, well done! Butttttt there is still a whole bunch of you who have neglected to do so. The deadline was December 1st, which happens to be today. I'll extend the deadline to this Friday, December 3rd, before we start sending your names to J-Board to start DEACTIVATION. So check the Excel spreadsheet that I attached to see if your name is still on it. The fall quarter hours have been erased from the main page, so here is how to view them:

 *   Records  --> Service Hours --> Click 'This Year' --> Copy/Paste the events beginning in September
Also as a reminder, if you completed more than one fundraising hour to count as a service hour, please let us know because we aren't able to view anybody's fundraising hours! And one last reminder, if you were in the most recent pledge class, you don't need to send us your pledge hours because Leigha and JP took care of those from your pledge binders.

Hope you're all having a great break! GO BROWNS!


Gaby Swisher

Kris Bader

Alpha Phi Omega Service Chairs

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