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Chapter Minutes 9/13/09 - composed by the lovely Anna Tabor

·      Cardboard City

o   Habitat for Humanity

o   Big fundraiser/awareness

o   Prizes! Service hours! Sleep in a cardboard box!

o   Need donations: 12-packs of juice, granola bars, duct tape

o   Need team captains, as few as 5 people per team

o   Raise $50 per team to get a t-shirt!

o   September 26, Morton parking lot

·      Two exec board openings:

o   J-board

§  Justin Abshear

§  Zoe Adams

§  JD Bales

§  Kate Bargerhuff

§  Diana Steuber

§  Katie Mueller

o   Fellowship

§  Megan Higgins

§  Monica Ruscher

·      Committees

·      Fellowship

o   ousphiofellowship at gmail.com

o   Intramurals: 1 or 2 sport teams?

§  Flag football

§  Outdoor soccer

§  *Dodgeball*

§  *Broomball*

o   Color Wars

§  Field day for big kids!

§  Sunday Oct. 11

§  Mandatory event – let J-board know if you can’t make it

§  Chapter after

o   Homecoming Oct. 16-18

§  Information to come

o   Questions/suggestions/ideas? Email!

·      Service

o   Turn in hours from spring quarter!

o   League bowling- look for an email

§  $4, every Wednesday

§  helpers still on the service website

o   First person to sign up for service has a star, that means you are in
charge of sign-in for that event

o   aphioservice @yahoo.com

o   Give Kids the World over winter break interest sheet

o   Next Saturday and Sunday is the Pawpaw festival

§  Pawpaw is a regional fruit.

§  Need volunteers

§  2 hours, get in free

§  4 hours, get in free and get free pawpaw beer (if 21) or  free t-shirt

o   5:45-8, every Monday

§  Child watch during choir practice

§  Next to DZ house

·      Rush!

o   Get excited! About APHio, about rush, about meeting new people!

·      Youth Service

o   Things we’re looking forward to:

§  Bid Brothers/Big Sisters Halloween party

§  Orphanage Outreach during winter break

o   Email: aphioyouthservice at gmail.com

·      FUNdraising

o   May not be able to “buy” your fundraising hour this quarter

o   Let’s get more involved

o   If unhappy or have ideas on how to make fundraising even better, talk to
us! Call, send email or join our committee!

o   Email: aphiofunraising at yahoo.com

·      Announcements

·      Supportive bro was left at home :(

·      Happy Can (or box…)

·      Circle up!
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