[Aphio-L] DUES BY 9/20 OR FINES!

APhiO Treasurer aphiotreasurer at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 17:27:47 EDT 2009

Helloooo Chapter!

It's your wonderful treasurer here to inform you all that we will be
following constitution policy regarding dues this year.  The constitution

"Chapter dues within this Chapter are due the second regular Chapter meeting
of the quarter.  If dues are not paid at this time then the fee is raised
$5.  For every additional week dues are unpaid, the $5 per week fee will be
paid (e.g. Two weeks late = $10 late fee, Three weeks late= $15 late fee.)
If dues are not collected by 8th week of the quarter, membership is

Therefore *DUES ARE DUE BY 9/20.*
If your dues are late *YOU WILL BE CHARGED AN ADDITIONAL $5* per week.

Make checks out to Alpha Phi Omega for $29.

Thanks bros,
See you in the MRTN

If anyone has a discrepency with this I need to know by Sunday.
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