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Chapter Minutes 10/25/09

·      Guest Speaker from Red Cross

o   Blood Drive on Nov. 3 (Tuesday) from 12-6 in Baker

·      Service

o   Name that weekly

§  Service at the bowling alley that involves games and/or crafts


·      Tuesdays @ the Rollerbowl on Palmer Street

o   ATCO Uno = 3:30-4:30pm

o   ATCO Crafts = 4:30-5:30pm

·      Play Uno at ATCO Uno and make crafts at ATCO Crafts.

·      “ATCO assists individuals with mental retardation and developmental
disabilities to picture their potentials.”

§  Help adults make beautiful artwork


·      Thursdays @ New Passionworks, uptown location behind BP at

·      Help ATCO members create Passionwork flowers and artwork in which
they sell to make an income.

§  Prep food, make food or serve food to those in need between class


·      Every Monday at UMC (the larger church) at multiple times, 9-10am,
10-11am, 11-12pm, 12-1pm OR 1-2pm.

·      Earlier times you will be prepping food and making food anywhere from
salads to desserts

·      Lunch times you will be serving or putting the food out to be served.

§  Clean and wash huge pieces of shiny objects


·      Located at old Passionworks, which is on Campbell Street (which is
off of Carpenter Street).  If you are by Sonic, you have gone too far!

·      WEDNESDAYS at3-4pm OR 4-5pm

·      Job is cleaning the large pieces of metal that ATCO uses to create
Passionwork flowers!

§  Play games or throw a heavy ball at some white objects


·      Tuesdays at Rollerbowl at 4:30-6pm

·      Main job is to help ATCO members have a good time either by bowling
or playing some fun games like Candyland or Monopoly

§  Help four-legged animals that you can ride


·      Sundays from 9-12pm

·      Meet in Morton Parking Lot, since you have to drive to get there.

·      Jobs can consist of cleaning horse stalls to carrying barrels of hay
to grooming the cute horses.

·      An easy way to knock out many hours of service with some bros J

§  Hang out with little munchkins


·      Thursdays @ 930-1130am located at the Athens Community Center (on
East State Street)

·      Set up at different locations to entertain children while their
parents workout or attend meetings at the ACC.  These activities vary from
playing tag to finger-painting.

§  Use your math skills by counting the amount of people that walk through
the doors to look at things on the wall


·      Fridays at 12-230pm OR 230-5pm at the Kennedy Art Museum, located at
the Ridges.

·      Sit at a chair and count the people who walk through the doors.

·      Ideal to sign up with a friend to keep you company or bring some
homework to stay busy!

§  Be a replacement team member or help a team score points by hitting pins


·      Wednesdays at 5-7pm at Rollerbowl

·      Job is to either replace League bowlers who might not be there or to
help team’s by using bowling ramps or scoring

o   Hours

§  Need 10 hours by doing weeklys or special events

§  Can have up to 4 outside hours (which you need to email the service email
prior to doing).

§  For any service event you can only get a MAX of 4 hours.

§  Docked Hours

·      If you cannot come to service you MUST NOTIFY 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE to
the service email.

·      You want to try to find a replacement for your service sign-up.  If
you CANNOT please email us!

§  We have been getting complaints about *cell phone *use.  Please keep them
away during service unless an emergency!

·      Rush

o   Pre-Rush:

§  Sunday 11/1/09 at 7pm

§  Sunday 11/8/09 at 7pm

§  Both in Morton 201

§  Attending ONE is mandatory

o   APhiO Pride Day

§  Wednesday, Oct. 28

§  Wear your Rush shirts or an APhiO shirt

·      J-Board

o   Refreshers

§  If you cannot attend an event you signed up to work, you must notify the
chairs of that event 24 hours in advance.

§  Always try to find a replacement for you

§  If you sign-up and do not come without notifying you do not get that hour
plus you have to do another

o   Some people still need to send grades in

o   Service hours

§  12 hours total

·      1 fundraising hour

·      2 hours for mandatory service project (service week, 5k, relay)

·      9 other hours

§  If you want to do more than one fundraising hour, they will still count
as service hours!

§  You are always welcome to do more than 12 hours if you have time and are

·      Youth Service

o   Running Club

§  M-W-F, 3:40-4:20

§  Must be at Chauncey Elementary by 3:20pm

o   BBBS Halloween Party

§  Trick-or-treaters

·      At least 4 more this Monday 5:30-7

·      Meet at Hillel

§  Party after

·      All spots full, but you can still stop by to hang out!

·      4:30-9 at Hillel on Mill St. across from Dominos

·      DRESS UP

o   Sweatshirts for our chapter

§  Greek letters and Ohio University on front

§  Navy hoodie with gold (screen print) writing

§  Approx. $20

·      Service Week

o   One more week!

o   Will have paper sign-ups next week, except for Sunday sign-ups, those
are going to be by email

o   T-shirts will be long-sleeved

·      Announcements

·      Happy Can

·      Supportive Bro

Submitted by Secretary Anna Tabor
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