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Chapter Minutes 10/18/09

·      Sit with families!

·      Guest Speakers from Up ‘Til Dawn

o   Fundraiser for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

o   Nov. 15, 4-11pm

o   Baker Ballroom

·      Awards

o   Applying for H. Roe. Bartle Award

§  Need you to fill out a short form

o   New Happy Can!

·      Elections

o   Relay

§  *Adjin Clevenger*

§  *Susan Breitenbach*

§  Leigha Kristoff

§  *Becky Voress*

·      Youth Service

o   Big Brothers/Big Sisters Halloween fun

§  Trick-or-treaters

§  Donations still needed:

·      Chips

·      Pretzels

·      Toilet paper

·      Candy

·      Bowls

·      Juice

·      Posters

§  Email aphioyouthservice at gmail.com OR as262006 at ohio.edu, and we can enter
your names for you

o   Energy Days

§  Volunteer with kids form Athens County on campus for Energy Day

§  At Baker

§  Organized by the same person who did Eco Days last year

§  If you sign up, you will get an email from the organizer with specific

§  Tuesday October 20: 9:15 am-11:30 am (4th grade)

§  Tuesday October 20: 11:45 am-2 pm (6th grade)

§  Wednesday October 21: 9:15 am-11:30 am (3rd grade)

§  Wednesday October 21: 11:30 am-2 pm (5th grade)

o   Running Club reminder!

§  3:20-4:40

§  Need people Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Chauncey Elementary School

o   Give Kids the World

§  Sign-up sheet going around

·      Membership

o   Feedback Survey

o   What does it mean to be a Big?

§  Be available, even if it’s just to call/text!

§  Be friendly and open.

§  Take initiative and be interested in getting to know your Little.

§  You are a support system for them.

§  Help them get excited about APhiO.

§  It’s the small things: check in once in a while, make sure they’re on

o   Thanksgiving Dinner

§  Family 1: stuffing and napkins

§  Family 2: potatoes and gravy and cups

§  Family 3: salad and dressing (with Family 8)

§  Family 4: sweet potatoes and plates

§  Family 5: cranberry sauce and rolls

§  Family 6: ham

§  Family 7: pies and forks

§  Family 8: salad and dressing (with Family 3)

§  Family 9: turkeys (yes, there will be FOUR!) and drinks

§  Family 10: green bean casserole and knives

o   Committee meeting tomorrow

o   Pictures tonight at the bottom, or else really unattractive picture from

·      Fellowship

o   Color Wars Warriors

§  Congrats to the PINK team (Family 5) for winning!

§  Thanks to Katey Mueller, Anna Schottenstein, and all the captains for
making things run smoothly!

o   Homecoming Heroes:

§  Janet Rowan, Cory Harrington, Kris Bader, Gaby Swisher, Becky Voress,
Anna Schottenstein, Helaina Diaz, Laura Hopkins, Justin Abshear, Andrew
Morris, Kristen Perry, Susan Breitenbach, Jan-Marie Ruminski

·      Ombudsmen

o   Bros, where are you???

o   An SFCS from your Ombudsmen

o   Ombudsmen.aphio at gmail.com

·      FUNdraising

o   Remember, mandatory fundraising hour

o   Hot dog sales

§  Friday 11pm-2am

§  Donation sign-ups also online

o   $5 Shirt Sale

§  Saturday 11-4

§  Baker 4th floor

o   Homecoming shirts

§  Pick them up please!

§  Let me know if you no longer want yours

o   Committee members

§  Talk to heather and Beth TONIGHT after chapter

·      Child watch Mondays

o   Sign up online

·      Service Week

o   Events

§  Ridges night

·      Big Brothers/Big Sisters, ATCO

·      Need Donations! Service Hours!

·      Cider, donuts, cookies, etc

·      First 2 days (Sunday, Monday)

§  Clean-up and Beautification

·      2nd and/or 3rd day

§  FUNdraising

·      Donating money to something environmental

§  Sierra Club

·      Mountain Fest?

§  Office of Sustainablility

·      Going from house to house, passing info on recycling, light bulb

§  Habitat Run for Cover

·      Nov. 7

o   T-shirts

§  Sign up if you want one

§  Fall-ish colors and design

§  Will have Greek letters

§  From American Apparel

·      Homecoming video

·      Announcements

·      Happy Can

·      Supportive Bro

Submitted by secretary Anna Tabor
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