[Aphio-L] IF YOU WANT A SWEATSHIRT!!!! read me!

Perry, Kristen kp317206 at ohio.edu
Sun Nov 8 17:07:59 EST 2009

 Hey guys who wanted sweatshirts!
IF YOU DID NOT GET A CHANCE TO WRITE YOUR NAME ON THE LIST AND STILL WANT ONE send me an e-mail back and and i'll add you to it :) (i'm turning it into her on WEDNESDAY 11/11)
Here's how it's going to work, I'm going to give my boss a list of people who would like to buy a sweatshirt ($5 off on everything) BEFORE we go on break, go down to the greek department of College Bookstore and pick out what you'd like to be on the shirt. Tell them you're with Aphio, and they'll cross your name off of the list. You have to pay up front. All the shirts will be ready by the time we get back from winter break. thanks bros!!! see you at chapter!

This is who i have ordering a sweatshirt:
Jayna Pappas
Angela Schedler
Laura Hopkins
Melissa Papic
Meredith Woods
Adjin Clevenger
Dani Garfield
Anna Gebhardt
Susan Breitenbach
Andrew Morris
Kim Miller
Carolyn Hemmenway
Bailey Petry
Erika Bills
Monica Ruscher
Stephanie Bricklebank
Samantha McConnell
Leslie Godec
Claire Guzik
Alexis Carter
Diana Steuber
Lauren McGrath
Cassie Ausperk

If you want OFF the list, let me know that too!

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