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Wed Nov 4 22:53:53 EST 2009

 Hellooooooooooo Ladies and Gents!

Sorry this has been taking forever to get you guys the deats but we want to make this a fantastic trip and are trying to get everything in order!

The dates again are we will be volunteer in KISSIMMEE FLORIDA:
November 30th - December 5th.

We will either be leaving ATHENS November 28th (at night) or November 29th (in the morning)...it is a 14.5 hour drive, but will be a lil' longer with pitstops.
Once we have our group together we will decide which is better for us.
We will be leaving FLORIDA December 5th after we volunteer after 1ish...

Katie and I have been calling around to find the least expensive and closest location to GKTW, we will be making reservations by the end of this week!
So we have decided just to be safe, the trip will cost $200 per person.  You may be getting some cash back after we pay for the vans (because we do not know the actual cost until we have finished the trip back to Athens).

SO in order to claim your spot (we only have 20-24 spots open) you must make your FIRST non-refundable payment of $25, in either cash, or a check made out to Katie Devlin or Chelsea Koss.

PLEASE bring this money to CHAPTER THIS SUNDAY or get it to us somehow by calling or emailing us!

If you have any questions feel free to call or email either of us :)

Chelsea Koss (440)570-6597
chelsea.koss at gmail.com
Katie Devlin (513)373-1175
katie.r.devlin at gmail.com
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