[Aphio-L] APhiO Reminders!

pattyguzowski at gmail.com pattyguzowski at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 15:28:47 EDT 2009

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all having amazing summers. Just a few pleasant reminders:

* Send a list of the SERVICE HOURS you have completed this quarter to the  
service girls so they can compare them to sign-ins and sign-ups. Include  
the name, date and time of the service projects you participated in. Do  
this ASAP.
* Send your GPA to J-Board
* Fellowship hour to FELLOWSHIP (what you did, with whom, date)
* Fundraising hour to FUNDRAISING

Here are all of the exec e-mail addresses:

"APhiO 5K" <aphio5k at gmail.com>
"Fellowship" <ouaphiofellowship at gmail.com.
"Fundraising" <aphiofundraising at yahoo.com>
"Historian" <aphio_historian at yahoo.com>
"Membership" <aphiomembership at yahoo.com>
"Relay for Life" <aphio_relay4life at yahoo.com>
"Rush" <aphiorush1 at gmail.com>
"Secretary" <gabidieungarin at yahoo.com>
"Service" <aphioservice at yahoo.com>
"Treasurer" <aphiotreasurer at gmail.com>
"Youth Service" <aphioyouthservice at gmail.com>
"J-Board" <aphio_jboard at yahoo.com>

I'm starting to feel Athens deprived... Can't wait to get back and see all  
of you!


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